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  1. Nice.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a clear scope skin just put it in your data folder.
  3. General Server Rules - No cheating - No advertising of other servers - No bugexploiting - No excessive swearing - No racism - No stealing of teammate vehicles - No fake beacon spamming however placing one to distract the enemy is fine - No using the .noob tag at the end of your name unless you are an official clanmember Language Usage Please remember that our primary language on the server is English and you are expected to use this as much as possible. Skins and Textures Note we do not want players to use skins that give a (slight) advantage in the game. Think of neon-green or neon-red bright skins for characters or their heads for example. Or skins that highlight the Stealth Effect better. We occassionally check players for skin usage and you may be warned, kicked or banned for breaking this rule. Nickname Usage You are allowed to use pretty much any alphanumerical nickname that can be pronounced as a word or name with or without clan tags. Names that contain racist or sexist remarks etc. will be banned with or without warning. Some examples of accepted nicknames: roszek roszek.noob -=roszek=- TheRoszekBoob Some examples of not accepted nicknames: ^&637@&# (FUCK)blah Empty "Friendly" Vehicles It is not allowed to destroy empty vehicles in your base that you did not purchase. Notify a moderator and have them deal with it. If you destroy empty vehicles on purpose in your base, you are breaking this rule and may be warned, kicked or even banned. Voice and Text Chat Channels - Discord We run a Discord channel where you can join and voice/text chat with other members and moderators, to join our discord area please click this link: On discord there are 3 channels for Renegade: Renegade, Ren GDI and Ren Nod. The Renegade voice channel is the only channel where GDI and Nod players may mix up. If you do not want the other team to hear you, you must join the GDI or Nod channel. Being in the wrong channel may get you kicked out of discord. - Teamspeak 3 Teamspeak 3 is available at and sports 3 channels as well such as Renegade, Ren GDI and Ren Nod. The same rules apply here as mentioned earlier for Discord. - IRC You can join our IRC channel on in #FanMaps where you can view all sorts of bot output messages including chat and kills. The rules are subject to any change at the moderator team's discretion. This topic will not be locked, it is opened for discussion of our rules so feel free to comment or ask questions here! Thanks, The AllNoobs Administration Team.
  4. Veterancy Levels Veterancy points are gathered while you kill, destroy, repair or heal, disarm or place objects, infantry, buildings and vehicles or weapons. The points gathered will stick for the duration of one map, you lose a small portion of points when you die, and will drop in level doing so too much. To look up your veteran points total and requirements type !vet or press the HOME key on your keyboard. Level 0 - Amateur Level 1 - Experienced Level 2 - Veteran Level 3 - Elite Level 4 - Colonel Level 5 - Commando Level 1 Experienced Extra's +3% Health & +3% Armor 1 Star Emblem near shoulder Level 2 Veteran Extra's 2 Stars Emblem near shoulder +5% Health & +5% Armor Call in Level 1 Support Bots Can Build Turrets Level 3 Elite Extra's 3 Stars Emblem near shoulder +8% Health & +8% Armor Call in Level 2 Support Bots Can Build Turrets Can Build SAM Sites Level 4 Colonel Extra's 4 Stars Emblem near shoulder +11% Health & +11% Armor Call in Level 3 Support Bots Can Build Turrets Can Build SAM Sites Can Build Gun Towers Level 5 Commando Extra's 5 Stars Emblem near shoulder +15% Health & +15% Armor Call in Level 3 Support Bots Can Build Turrets Can Build SAM Sites Can Build Gun Towers These levels are subject to change at any time in the future at which this topic will be updated with the changes made. Vehicles and Points Vehicles, when exited by all the occupants including the driver, can be destroyed for Veteran Points for about 10 seconds after the last person leaving it. In this time you still get the veteran points reward for destroying the vehicle. Call in Ammo Supplies Everyone can call in Ammo Supplies with the command !ammo for $500 per drop. Placing Defenses Defenses can only be placed within a large radius around your friendly base, it is not possible to place them on, in or too close to friendly buildings. There is both a minimum and maximum placing distance. Defenses have limits set as maximum precense at any time (this may differ per map if it has pre-placed defenses): Limit_Guard_Tower=3 Limit_Turret=5 Limit_SamSite=4 The defenses can be purchased at a certain cost, on any map pretty much, unless disabled for the current map in our configs, for example on Deathmatch or C&C 3 maps: Cost_Guard_Tower=5000 Cost_Turret=2500 Cost_SamSite=2500 Support Bots Support Bots can be called in by anyone of the level Experienced or above. The higher your level the better the dropped off bots. Bots can be poked to make them follow you to areas, poke them again to have them attack the enemy and guard the area you led them to. There can be a maximum of 18 bots per team at any given time on the map. If there are 18 or more bots your Support request will be denied. Killing Sprees and Notifications 2 kills = Double Kill notification play for the killer once 3 kills = Tripple Kill notification play for the killer once 5 kills = Killing Spree notification play for everyone in the server once 7 kills = Multikill notification play for the killer once 8 kills = Megakill notification play for the killer once 12 kills = Rampage notification play for everyone in the server once 13 kills = Ultrakill notification play for the killer once 15 kills = Top Gun notification play for the killer once 17 kills = Unstoppable notification play for the killer once 20 kills = Unreal notification play for everyone in the server once 25 kills = Godlike notification play for everyone in the server once The killing sprees reset after 25 kills and loop from start again. Player Bounty Hunting You can set a bounty on a player's head by typing "!bounty roszek 500" for example, this will place a bounty of $500 on roszek's head. When he gets killed by one of your team's players they will get a $500 reward and a notification will play they were "Hunted". Bounties constantly add-up to the previous bounty amount on said players head. If 2 players place a bounty of $500 on roszek, his total bounty worth will be $1000 and so on. To lookup your own bounty status to see how much you're worth you type !mybounty or !myb Co-op Maps & Teleports If we decide to add Co-op maps where you play against the CPU, then teleporting may be enabled which allows you to quickly jump/teleport to players in the field. If, for example, i (@zizzo) was to teleport to roszek, i could simply type: "!go ros" and it would place me near him, unless he is dead, in mid-air, on a ladder, inside a vehicle, he is a spy type character or if your own character has a restriction for teleporting. Player Executable Commands !cmds - display all (ingame) available commands !time - display how long a map has been played for in H:M:S !map - display the current map name !lagfix - resets your bandwidth to 1.5MBits and reduces lag in many cases !site !irc !ts !modinfo - display infos, website and service links Press the U key to review the commands or visit our website at
  5. You can find us on various social (gaming) networks listed below: Discord: Twitter: Youtube: Facebook: Twitch: Steam: IndieDB: ModDB: IRC: #fanmaps #coop #ut3dm-nl #ut99dm-nl Thanks for joining, following, subscribing.