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  1. Updated for May build, btw.
  2. Seems like i do. Gj epic. lol
  3. Hello all. Since everyone was disappointed with removal of grenades, I thought I could make a custom weapon that acts just like that. It needs some testing since alt-fire is changed very much. Once you put it into your paks folder, you can swap it with current Rocket Launcher from Weapon Replacement mutator. What it does: -Reskins the RL. -Launches grenades by alt-fire when not locked. They deal 65 max and minimum zero dmg. -Damage lowered for all modes, especially for alt-fire salvo. The salvo can only be launched if locked to target. -More knockback and faster firing on primary. -Smaller collision radius of rockets and grenades. Known stuff: -It modifies the current RL ammo, so using both RLs on same map may have unexpected results. -It may need a new mesh, preferably more like 8ball launcher. I think that's it for now. I'll try to keep updated you folks. Untill then, have fun with your nades! Simply put the PAK file to your ".../documents/UnrealTournament/Saved/Paks/DownloadedPaks " folder. You can get the weapon into play through the Weapon Replacement mutator. BP_RocketL-WindowsNoEditor.pak