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  1. I'm in our Coop server now Come join up ppl. I know i said this weeks ago, i'll add some more maps soon Just been real busy with personal life and family and making maps just takes a lot of time
  2. 5-7 more weeks and i'll take these two home with me
  3. Heya, welcome here, nice to see you choose to join the forum as well Always good to have more people around I've joined your discord now with one of my accounts, the other will follow tomorrow as i'm not at home right now Have fun here Any questions just ask
  4. We now have a Team Fortress 2 server available with HLxCE Statistics enabled. For more information please visit our Team Fortress 2 sub-forum. Have fun.
  5. We have launched our Team Fortress 2 server along with Statistics. The server can be found under the community servers button inside Team Fortress 2. Server Title is AllNoobs.com Noobs Galore Server IP/Port is on port 27015 (default). Server Statistics are available @ http://hlx.allnoobs.com
  6. If you own a copy of Renegade itself, do what @rossnisbe said and install the TT 4.3 updates and use Renlist to join. If you do not have Renegade already, you can play and join using our client, download and install it from here:
  7. hi

    Hello welcome here
  8. A new donation of $ 25,00 was made by @Mondogrunday Thanks a lot!
    Nice looking map, i'll add this to our Hub shortly.
    Nice Adding to the Hub now.
  9. I'm quite bored right now, what to do about it?
    Very fun game mode Excellent.