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    Nice looking map, i'll add this to our Hub shortly.
    Nice Adding to the Hub now.
  1. I'm quite bored right now, what to do about it?
    Very fun game mode Excellent.
  2. Version


    The very popular mutator called Absolute Elimination for Hubs. File MD5 = de649875b1743942aae91557f091aaec Redirect Rerence usage example: RedirectReferences=(PackageName="Elimination_113-WindowsNoEditor",PackageURLProtocol="https",PackageURL="redirect.allnoobs.com/ut4/users/zunnie79c6/Elimination_113-WindowsNoEditor.pak",PackageChecksum="de649875b1743942aae91557f091aaec")
  3. You should add it to the Downloads Section @ https://www.allnoobs.com/index.php?/files/
  4. Two of these kittens will be mine then. I'll get the striped/stipped one and one of the black ones with a white tail-point
  5. We've made a dicision and you will be notified a.s.a.p. about it in a private message. Closing Topic now.
  6. Is it free? I could try it sometime then maybe
  7. Our French based "XP'd" UT4 Hub is now online with Elimination and various nice Fan maps. Once a few maps have been re-cooked for current release i will add them to the Hub a.s.a.p.
  8. Epic just happened to release an update a hour ago, i guess you need to update this file to work in there now?
  9. Appearently emails sent from our domain to gMail are delivered into your Spam/Junk folder over there. Just check your Spam/Junk folder when you registered here and mark it as safe and follow the instructions in the E-Mail to activate your account. Thanks.
  10. If you are a fan of any other game, for which we currently do not have a game category, feel free to start a topic here and get a discussion going. If the game has enough input/following we will create a category for it, no problemo
  11. It's relayed to the channel only. Unless you prefix it with !msg just like as if you were on IRC.
  12. Yo

    Hey PwnNoob welcome here good to have ya