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    Close-quarters duel map for UT4. Enjoy
  3. I've got my server running ( Windows ) but I want to change it from Deathmatch Server to a Team Deathmatch Server. Also want to change the Botskill to much easier ( way too difficult for me and friends now ) LOL How and where do I change that ? Please help i really am a nooby.
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    cell shader mutator for UT4 cooked for JULY 12th 2017 build
  5. Version 2


    Conversion of highrise demo lvl from shooter game unreal engine project
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  7. Version Jun2017

  8. We've configured the irc channel which shows several game related info in text chat to relay also to our discord channel Unreal3 now. The irc channel is on #UT3DM-NL and relays to #Unreal3 The relaybot was originally set up by @Sarah
  9. Alpine A very old map based in the Alpines covered in snow. Only 1 tank entrace to each base however plenty of infantry ways in. Using the cliffs to get to the other base is allowed on this map. Area81 A map by @zunnie Multiple ways into each base for both infantry and vehicles and nice manmade tunnels (by @PwnCall) to snipe from. This map also has manual harvesting and some custom unit skins. Big_Walls Another old map from 2002 or 2003 which plays quite nice for both infantry, sniping and vehicles. Bio A map from like 2003 with a very nice design work in tunnels and surrounding area of the bases. Multi-ways in for vehicles and infantry. Also checkout the vagina in tunnels Bridge_Control A map by @zunnie, ImperialKaskins and Hunter-Seeker. Two large bridges between the bases with a crane in the middle. Only silo's that are re-capturable are on this map as income, no refineries. There are only 2 real buildings on this map: The vehicle factory and the infantry factory. BunkersTS Original design by Westwood Studios with multiple ways in for vehicles and infantry, fixed up by Aircatkiller for multiplayer. CC3_Spikewar A map with assets from C&C 3 Tiberium Wars originally created for the free game called Tiberium Crystal War which has been cancelled. Some maps will make their way into our server through time to come. Most notable developers were @zunnie, @roszek, @PwnCall, Mauler, ImperialKaskins, Hunter-Seeker, Goldy58, Bazil, FeaR, and some others i forgot to mention. To play this map you capture a Tiberium Spike with a Spawn guy equipped with a Repairgun OR with an GDI Engineer/Nod Saboteur. You stand inside the Tiberium Spike for 30s or 15s and it becomes yours, it will then provide $5 every second for the whole team. The Command Post and Operations Center provide radar and battlefield notifications such as under attack sounds which will stop functioning when this building is dead. Nod has a special character called the Fanatic, you can activate its suicide bomb by pressing the B for "bomb", for a very short period you can then run a bit faster after which the bomb explodes heavily damaging vehicles and buildings nearby. Cairo Cairo was one of the first great maps out there with triple defenses and double power plants. It is set in a sandy Egyptian environments with temples and obelisks. Cliffs_Fusion This map by @roszek and Mauler sports vehicles from C&C 4 Tiberian Twilight. Excellent map. ... This topic is a Work-in-Progress ...
  10. I'm in our Coop server now Come join up ppl. I know i said this weeks ago, i'll add some more maps soon Just been real busy with personal life and family and making maps just takes a lot of time
  11. Nice.
  12. 5-7 more weeks and i'll take these two home with me
  13. Hello again
  14. Thanks for joining. Seems like a good community for you guys given your mods. Sounds great keep up the good work.
  15. might as well....
  16. Heya, welcome here, nice to see you choose to join the forum as well Always good to have more people around I've joined your discord now with one of my accounts, the other will follow tomorrow as i'm not at home right now Have fun here Any questions just ask
  17. hi zunnie and thanks for your offer here
  18. Hi, just wanted to say hi Nice place here and thanks for providing this to us. I'm a UT4Assault Community admin and me and the ut4assault team are looking forward to provide you guys our Assault maps/mod in the near future. Currently it's once again in private test mode, but so far the tests are running pretty stable and we hope to open the doors soon again! You can find us on discord
  19. many common problems have an easy solution so before you make a post asking for help see if any of these are your issues 1. renlist says the "action requires elevation" or "this action requires elevated permissions" elevated permissions = admin permissions so right-click on renlist and click run as administrator then click yes on that box that pops up. 2. no listings appear on xwis: try restarting renegade and also pay attention to the box that pops up after you try to log on it might say something like "invalid password use the password seen at !" this is because the password is different that your renegade wol/xwis password if this problem continues make sure you have the renegade 1037 patch or for other languages and you need tt patch: 3. when you launch renegade there is a black screen(mainly windows 10 systems affected) if you have a fresh install of renegade with or without 1037 but dont have tt installed you will get a black screen again links to 1037&tt patch below renegade 1037 patch or for other another languages and you need tt patch:
  20. hi

    Welcome Zack
  21. Damn I was about to put that song, zunnie.
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